A tough schedule was no match for the crystal ball last week as it went 8-0, including Alabama’s narrow win over LSU and the Troy high-scoring, near-miss against Tennessee. Season’s totals are now 64-9. If that was against the odds, we’d all move to Vegas, huh?

    LA-LAFAYETTE AT FLORIDA – Last week, Lafayette whipped up on Louisiana-Monroe, as in the team that beat Arkansas and should’ve taken Auburn down too, so this is no picnic for the Gators, who had their own scare from lowly Missouri last week. Another solid effort will be required, but this time the Gators’ heads should be in the game, not left in Jacksonville.

    Florida by 10.

    MISSOURI AT TENNESSEE – Word has it if the Vols had gone ahead and got upset by the Trojans last week, Derrick Dooley wouldn’t be the coach now. And as nice a guy as he seems to be, he’s 0-16 against ranked teams in three years in Knoxville. Hey, Dad and Mom’s lake place is right next door to Nick Saban’s.

    Tennessee by 4.

    VANDY AT OLE MISS – Probably the two most-improved clubs in the SEC this year. The Commodores have shown they can play with anyone in the league for the most part, and unlike previous late-season collapses, they’re still coming. But Hugh Freeze was a great hire after just one year at Arkansas State and Bo Wallace is a gutsy quarterback who will be dangerous a year from now.

    Ole Miss by 7.

    SOUTH CAROLINA AT ARKANSAS – One can’t help but wonder which direction the Razorbacks will turn to replace lame-duck John L. Smith. Maybe the next guy will be scouting them today. He won’t like what he sees.

    South Carolina by 10.

    NAVY AT TROY – What a cool matchup for the Trojans. It’s an honor to play one of the service academies with Veterans Day coming, plus this is Heisman Trophy winner Roger Staubach’s alma mater. Can the Trojans defend better than the ridiculous 700-plus yards they surrendered last week? They’d better against the triple-option and hope the passing game is as effective as it was against the Vols.

    Troy by 3.

    GEORGIA AT AUBURN – Speaking of the folks in Vegas, they say Georgia is a 16-point favorite, the biggest in this series in decades. Unfortunately, there’s no reason to disagree. Auburn tries hard, but can’t match up on either side of the ball. And with all the rumors swirling about who goes and who stays after this debacle of a season mercifully ends, there’s one way to describe the present state of affairs. A big, ole mess.

    Georgia by 17.

    TEXAS A&M AT ALABAMA – I’ve said all year the Tide is the best team in the nation, but that’s before anyone thought it possible to move the ball on the ground or via the air against them. LSU proved that notion wrong, and if Zack Mettenberger can have a field day for two quarters, imagine the SEC’s top quarterback, hotshot Johnny Vanziel. Perhaps this is the reason none of us will be moving west anytime soon, ‘cause I got a hunch. And rarely do they turn out well. No emotion this week. Blue-plate Upset Special of the year.

    Texas A&M by 3.

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